Urban development plans

No construction starts without the approval of the district administration. To do this, detailed drawings are made and then 3D visualization is done. Just as with the visualization of the interior and exterior, photorealistic images made on a computer completely show the urban plan, even embellishing reality a little. Usually, the visualization of an urban planning plan includes: views from above, views of streets from human height, certain types of important areas of the project.

Prices for 3d visualization of urban planning plans are formed based on:

1 — The number of angles, the number of unique houses and their complexity.

Urban planning – realistic modeling of territories with low costs plays an important role in this area. Due to visualization, investors and specialists can get acquainted in detail with all the features of the designed space.

Why do we need visualization of urban development projects?

When designing interiors, exteriors and urban planning plans, there may be many shortcomings that are difficult to notice and correct in time. That is why three–dimensional visualization is important - a tool that provides the opportunity to develop a three-dimensional image, which is practically indispensable in the construction of buildings. Do you need a high-quality creation of an object model from highly qualified craftsmen? In this case, order the services of Proxima Studio! We have an impressive experience in our field of activity.