Exterior visualization

Exterior visualization is very similar to interior visualization and has the same advantages. You do not need to go shopping, choosing building materials for your home. By ordering exterior visualization in Proxima studio, you will get the most photorealistic images of your home and after that you will be able to implement your project with 100% confidence.

In the production of various products, as well as the development of prototypes of buildings and three-dimensional animation, 3D modeling and visualization are carried out. Thanks to this, the features of the products are evaluated at the design stage, an exterior model is created, and much more. High-quality and professionally compiled 3D models allow you to prepare presentations and documents thought out to the smallest detail.

An important difference from the Interior Visualization service is the formation of prices, not by square footage, but by other factors such as:

1 — The complexity of the architecture and its scale.

2 — The time frame for which it is necessary to perform the visualization of the exterior.

3 — The number of angles. The more angles, the more expensive the cost will be.

4 — The time of year in the images: summer, autumn, spring or winter.

One-story house

Very simple architecture, The 3d model was provided from the client. Summer. Day and evening. 4 views. timeline 3-4 days

from $500

Two-story building

Simple architecture, simple environment. The 3d model was provided by the client. 3 views, day and evening. Timeline 3-4 days

from $700

Residential multi-story building

Modern architecture, summer. The 3d model was provided by the client. 6 views: day and evening. Timeline 5-7 days

from $1000

Residential complex of 3 houses

Modern architecture, The 3d model was provided by the client. Summer. Day and evening. 8 views. Timeline 2 weeks

from $1600


Classical complicated architecture. Fall. A lot of small details. The 3d model was provided by the client. Timeline 2 weeks

from $2400

Designers often ask to share the final scene in order not to disturb us and make edits on their own - no problem, we always give the final scenes to customers. But we always warn that our studio works in such programs as: 3ds max 2020, V-ray 5 and Corona renderer 8. In addition, we install many plugins, such as Floor generator, multiscatter, Phoenix FD and others. Also, we use the most modern computers that can work even with the heaviest files. Therefore, our scene may simply not open on your computer or the rendering will be very different.